Jill Seale

Video: Geek and Gamer Girls

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Allow me to relieve you of all that silly “hope for the human race” stuff you seem to be carrying around. You can also leave any respect you may have had for Seth Green here as well. I’ll take good care of it.

Oh, and if the video wasn’t bad enough, here are some youtube comments to garnish this delicious plate of nausea and corporate whoring:

♥ I wanna marry these girls.

Is it just me or is it kind of weird that most of the comments here are bashing the video just because everyone’s trying to bitch and moan about how they’re not “geeks”, so you call every single woman that tries to pick up a controller or step up in WoW a “LAWLAWLAWLAWL GAMER GURLLS” out for attention. Here’s a news flash, women can game just as much as men and be hot, unlike you, look at Felicia Day. If all you want to do is bitch and label, then get back to your cum rags basement dwellers.

Gaming + Girls = Perfect life Achievement unlocked !!!

I’m going to hide under my bed until everyone who is aware of this video is dead.

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