Video Games Officially Recognised As Art In The US

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The hipsters of the US would wipe away the tears falling onto their thick rimmed glasses and wine glasses with their berets if tears of joy weren’t so mainstream. The National Endowment For The Arts, an independent federal agency in the US that supports the arts in the country has officially recognised video games as a form of art for the first time.

This has come about as part of their 2012 submission window opening, where the category has been changed from The Arts On Radio And Television to The Arts In Media, which covers television, film and radio and interactive media.

If a developer wants to go for it then they can apply for a grant although they will face stiff competition across all of the media forms. The deadline for an application is 1st September 2011.

While I personally think what is art is an entirely subjective matter, it’s nice nonetheless to see video games get official recognition. It’ll no doubt financially help developers if they get a grant, and it means they are officially recognised by the US Government as creators, rather than just code monkeys. That can only be a good thing.

Source: Icrontic

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