Ryan Thomason

Viacom gives Hulu the finger

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Well, if you were like me, and watched “The Daily Show” or “Colbert Report” on Hulu you’re out of luck.  Viacom and Hulu couldn’t come to an agreement over the weekend on advertising money and Viacom is pulling the plug on it’s shows being with the growing new Internet star.

What is crazy is that Viacom isn’t just not releasing any new shows on Hulu, but it’s pulling out ALL of the content that they have on the site.  If you want to watch The Daily Show online if you missed an episode you’ll have to go to the Daily Show Website. This is a big blow for Hulu, which is currently unprofitable and as the site continues to grow the site’s monthly video view totals have surged in recent months, from 580 million last September to 1.01 billion last December.  The networks that allow it to host their shows seem to be faltering on their support of this promising brand that is really the leader in an emerging online TV viewing market.

Who knows how this is going to effect Hulu, The Daily Show was at a 3rd ranking on most watched shows behind, Lost and Family Guy.  Being that high up, The Daily Show probably had a ‘Halo effect’ or meaning that it was a show that drew people to the site and had those same viewers watching other shows on the site.  Let’s hope that Viacom gets their act together and can come back to the negotiating table and get the numbers hammered out.

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