Ryan Thomason

Verizon iPhone, yay?

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Verizon is getting an iPhone, apparently because I’ve been using that network, I’m supposed to be excited. I’m not. I do want to give my opinion on the whole thing though. There was a time a year ago that I was so jealous of people who had an iPhone that I wished I was in their shoes. Now that the whole iPhone is now available on Verizon it has taken solid ground from AT&T, but only in the one area that mattered, exclusivity.

The thing is, there isn’t going to be some mass exodus from AT&T to the Verizon service because of the new availability. From what I’ve learned, most people are highly selective and have loyalty to their cell phone carrier of choice. So most of those people in San Francisco and New York who have been having so many problems with their iPhones will just wait for the jumpers to leave their network for Verizon, and hope it gives them more reliability on AT&T.

The real company with something at stake is Apple. With this big expansion into a mammoth mobile network that to my knowledge uses different technical mumbo jumbo Apple has to make sure that the amount of problems with the phone is minimal. Nothing will bring the new launch to a screeching halt than a bunch of phones that don’t work.

So, am I going to get an iPhone on Verizon? Nope. I’m moving to Sprint and getting an Android based phone. I’m a rebel like that.

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