Alan Smithee

Venture Bros. Season 4 Trailer

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Adult Swim recently posted the trailer above, teasing the new season of The Venture Bros. that is set to hit the airwaves sometime in November.

If some of the minor details escape you, here’s what you might have glossed over in the trailer:

  • Nazis
  • Megaman Spoof
  • Soverign/Wizard of Oz Joke
  • #21 Has His Own Podcast
  • Sgt. Hatred Sleeping with Billy the Quiz Boy
  • Hank Emulating Brock Sampson’s Son
  • The Orchard Street Wolf-Pack LARP Group
  • Future Venture
  • Dean Becoming Like His Dad
  • I still believe that this is one of the most creative cartoons to come out of Adult Swim and will remain one of the pop culture touchstones for people of the 20-45 year old range.

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