Velocity #1

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I’ll be honest:  I did not know that Velocity was not a new character.  Knowing that this book is a winner of Image’s Pilot Season made me think she was new.  However, she was part of Cyberforce–that team’s answer to the Flash.

Opening up this book, I was stunned at the visuals.  That is reason enough, I think to buy this book.

Velocity #1 is written by Ron Marz and illustrated by Kenneth Rocafort.  It is Mr. Rocafort’s excellent art, along with colorist Sunny Gho of IFS, that got me into the book.  I never read Cyberforce and was worried that that would impair my enjoyment of the book.   The art took care of that worry. In fact, I jumped ahead the first time I opened the comic, skipping reading, just to look at the pictures.  I will be the first to tell you that I am usually a story guy–the art is usually not quite as important to me.

I would say to anyone who, like me, has no connection to Cyberforce:  Pick this book up when you see it on the shelf and look at the art. That alone will probably convince you to buy the book.  Mr. Rocafort, why are you not on Facebook?  I want to follow your work more closely.  (No, not follow you personally.  I am no stalker.  Ask my parole officer.)

Bottom Line:  $2.99/$3.99

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