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Veil #2: Something Powerful is Brewing Inside Veil

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In Veil #2, Greg Rucka is setting up something big. With more mystery around Veil and introduction of a few new shady characters, I am more curious than ever about who Veil is and how she came to be.

Veil #2 cover via

Veil #2 cover via

Veil #2
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Toni Fezjula
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release date: April 2, 2014


It’s a tense moment as Veil and Dante flee from the pile of bodies they  left at Dante’s apartment. Of course they run down an alley and it’s blocked by a dumpster. All looks lost and the cops will catch up with them, but for Veil’s rat companion that miraculously moves the dumpster to make way. We all need a helper rat like this.

Once in the refuge of a 24-hour diner, the pair settles in for a long stay and attempt to keep a low profile. The couple raises eyebrows when Veil asks Dante who she is and Dante get a bit agitated. I probably would too. You help a naked woman that emerges from the subway, folks die at you apartment because of her, and now she is asking you who she? Yeah, like Dante has any idea. Poor guy was just trying to help.

Elsewhere, Scarborough and Cormac are debating the successfulness of on occult ritual. We haven’t met them before. Yet, it is clear that neither Scarborough nor Cormac is a good guy and both have their own agenda involving questionable means. Cormac has the upper hand for now. He uses his mojo to talk to rats and send them to do reconnaissance on what his spell might have summoned.

At the close of Veil #2, Rucka gets his hooks into the reader as if Veil’s mysterious beginning was not enough. Witnessing Cormac and his wizard-skills raises more questions and Veil goes from mysterious being to a potential terror. Who is she really? And what kind of role will she have in the occult plot line? Is she a savior or a threat? I’m in. At this point, I want to know how the rest of the story goes.

Have I mentioned how much I love the rat on the interior splash page? Because, I love this rat. I would get this rat tattooed on me, if I felt a tattoo artist could capture Fezjula’s magic. (Oh, I did mention that rat in my last review. But it is worth mentioning again I think.) Fezjula kicks off Veil #2 as he did the first issue with a series of wordless panels to set the mood beautifully. These visual snippets foreshadow the contents of the issue. It is a great mechanism that quickly engages my mind to search for connections to what I know and guess what is to come. The fairytale quality of this story turns dark in Veil #2 with occult themes. Fezjula’s style with the heavy shadows and highlights lend itself to a darker story.

Recommendation: At issue #2, I am convinced that Rucka has done it again. He has a fabulous female character who might have more power than all his other creations combined—albeit supernatural power. And that is a feat! (Rucka writes some of the best characters period. But many of us geek girls are grateful to him for his female characters specifically.) You should give Veil a try!

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