Valve to unveil Dota 2 with a million dollar tournament

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If you’re going to Gamescom, you’re in luck, because chances are you’ll be able to see Dota 2 in action.

Valve has recently announced that they will be showing off Dota 2 at this years Gamescom. Those lucky enough to attend will be able to see Dota 2 from August 17 to the 21st. Luckily, those of us who are Germanically challenged will be able to see the game via internet broadcast.

The Invitational – as they’re calling it, will feature top Dota teams duking it out for the kingly price of One Million US Dollars.

That’s right, one million mollars for a game nobody has ever played before. Or if you ask me, one million dollars for a game that has been around for years. [Dota2]

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