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Valve Software Inspires Some of the Best Fan Films

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Just this week, we’ve seen the release of not one, but two awesome fan films set in the rich Half-Life universe that Valve has shared with us gamers over the years.

The first one we have to share with you is part two of the Escape From City 17 storyline that was made into a 5 minute fan film back in 2009 (LINK HERE) by the Purchase Brothers. This time around, the brothers have tripled the size of the film to a near 15 minutes long feature. There’s some great stuff contained within the video below.

Did you notice the G-Man at 4:18? What did you think of the great battle with the Strider? Were any of you others feeling the urge to go back to Half-Life 2 and play the boat level all over again? I sure as hell was.

Second up is a serious take on the Portal story. Yes, it’s a mostly humorless entry (as opposed to the games), but features some killer special effects that make you wonder why giant studios can’t possibly match the great stuff that fans are making for budgets that cost considerably less than those of big budgeted movies. The clip is titled Portal: No Escape.

My favorite bit occurs near the end as our heroine finds herself…well, you’ll just have to keep watching it to see, but jeez, what a show!

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