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Valve Says NO To New Source Engine

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Valve’s Gabe “Butterbeard” Newell laughs at your assertion that they need to make a new graphics engine!

The company has decided that instead of doing what Epic Gaming has been doing with their Unreal Engines, that there’s just no need as of yet to create a Source Engine 2. Gabe believes that there’s some serious merit and advantages on using a stable and proven code base with continuous updates than starting over from scratch.

It has worked well for the company really, considering so many of the games that Valve puts out use the same engine that made its debut with Counter Strike: Source. Considering we’re talking about a six-year old gaming engine, the thing definitely shows no signs of slowing down especially after being used in the gorgeous Portal 2 that came out recently.

In a recent article with Develop, Mr. Newell had the following to say:

“I think, when you see a game like DOTA 2, you’ll see how developers can get a lot more out of Source than most companies can get from a scratch-built engine. I think that incremental updates model has worked really well for us. Does that mean we’ll reach some architectural tipping-point where we’ll need to change? No…so far we’ve been able to keep the engine moving ahead, robustly. I mean, I think it looks great.”

Along with their decision that the Source Engine looks just fine right now, he also had a few sharp words to other graphics engine companies and the customers who use their products. Mainly he says that you can either use it or don’t, he doesn’t want to promote the damn thing.

“We’re really happy if another studio wants to use our engine, but we’re not going to go out there and try and muscle in on what Epic Games does. A few people have used our engine, and I think a few more will find it useful now that we have a PS3 edition…we’re happy if people want to use our tools. We’re also super happy if people want to use Unreal Engine. We’ve worked hard with the guys at Epic Games to integrate Steamworks into Unreal Engine, which we think will be a great solution.

Our philosophy is always about creating the best value for our customers, but also our partners, and right now I think there’s more value for us to pursue things like the microtransaction part of Steamworks.

I think if we’d take the microtransaction model away, and instead push harder on getting studios to sign up to Source, I think we wouldn’t be using our time nearly as efficiently.”

Gabe of course is referring to the fact that Steamworks began allowing companies who offer microtransations to do so earlier this year.

I find this whole thing interesting because Valve pretty much states how things should be when it comes to the PC world, but I personally think that having another graphics engine being worked on “in the wings” is a smart plan to adopt. You’d be stupid to think that they haven’t already been developing a new engine in their spare time.


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