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Valve Announces DOTA 2, Project Headed by IceFrog

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Today Valve announced that it will be publishing the sequel to Defense of The Ancients, tentatively titled DOTA 2. While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a mod have a standalone sequel (Red Orchestra, Natural Selection 2), seeing such a high-caliber developer like Valve working on DOTA 2 is very interesting, and unorthodox. Valve has said that DOTA 2 will include every single champion from the original mod, which as it stands now is over 100. They have also stated that “the gameplay itself is remaining almost entirely untouched”, and that DOTA 2 strives to be as close to the original as possible, but with “new improvements”. Not only that, but the original developer of DOTA, Icefrog, is working with Valve on the sequel.

As a fan of DOTA since way back in its prime, I’m pretty stoked to hear this news. I’ve been a big fan of the DOTA gameplay style for a long time, and the fact that Valve, one of the best PC developers out there, is working on the sequel is fantastic news. That all being said, a major question remains: With the success of League of Legends and Hereos of Newerth, two games that are based on the original DOTA mod, will DOTA 2 stand against the competition? In my opinion, League of Legends is everything you could want in a DOTA sequel, and Heroes of Newerth stands on its own as well. Though DOTA 2 has the clout of Valve and Icefrog behind it, will it be able to stand up against the behemoth that is LoL? Obviously we won’t know until there are more details, but for now I can say that I’m very excited. For more information, you can check out Game Informer‘s exclusive first look (if their site ever comes back up).

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