Vagrant Story is finally coming to US PSN

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Well all I can say is… it’s about damn time. I’ve been waiting years to check this game out. I passed on it back in the old PSone days, and constantly heard about how awesome it was. I’ve been kicking myself for not picking it up when it was actually affordable and just watched the price climb on Amazon and eBay year after year. I had pretty much given up hope on playing it… until today!

Vagrant Story is coming to the US PSN later this week for $5.99 and I will be there to download it the instant it hits. For those of you that don’t understand why this game is awesome… all I have to say is… Square Enix at their finest and the game is set in Ivalice, the same world as Final Fantasy Tactics. For those of you who understand what that means… you’re probably already eagerly awaiting this PSN release.

Also… don’t forget that Xenogears is now available for download as well!

SOURCE: Playstation Blog

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