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V Gets a Second Season

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here we see lisa, lisa isn't parading around in her undies, give it some time and you'll see some bra and panties

We have all been wondering…wait, let me fix that, I’VE BEEN WONDERING if the trainwreck that has become V on ABC would ever get picked up for a second season, and sadly the answer is a half-hearted and exasperated yes.

I’ve been getting more and more pissed about how crappy this show’s plot has become. Take for instance the resistance procuring a stinger missile in a matter of hours using a CELLPHONE of all things, or the fact that the CG is more transparent than Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars Prequels.

I guess I’m not quite the divining rod for good TV after all.

After this week’s episode Fruition aired, featuring everyone’s favorite blond haired Visitor (sans clothing) Lisa, the ratings spiked 14% over last week’s episode causing ABC to immediately offer the crew a second season. A 13 episode second season.

I sincerely hope that they can bring it around, because after watching the first couple of episodes of this show I had such high hopes, and it just seems to be getting caught in the “drag the story along for the sake of more episodes” trap that modern American TV is suffering from these days.

As always, I will stick to my usual wait and see mantra.

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