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So instead of reviewing an album today, I’m going to recommend a band. Utah’s own Fictionist. I first heard of Fictionist from friends in other local bands who kept telling me that they were absolutely mind blowing and their live shows were unlike any other band they’d seen. These were big statements, i was skeptical, then i saw Fictionist play for the first time. They more than lived up to their expectations.

Fictionist recently won The Independent Music Awards Vox Pop Poll for Rock Song for their Song “Invisible Hand”. With big awards, tours and reputation as Fictionist has they’re still the coolest, down to earth guys I’ve met in my music adventures, even this last weekend they played in my friends garage for a free show with fellow local rockers Matt Ben Jackson. It was one of the greatest shows I’ve ever been to. Yes, in a garage.

When I recommend bands to people I try relate them to another band with similar qualities. When it comes to Fictionist, i can’t think of any, so i asked friends of mine who were also fans, they couldn’t either. That’s a good thing, originality to the point of pure uniqueness. The only ones we could think of that even remotely sound like them is a subtle likeness to Pink Floyd, or Air if we really stretch our minds. Fictionsist is really unlike any band I’ve heard. They’ve released two albums “Invisible Hand” and “Lasting Echo” both of which are mind blowing, and when they play live they do some of the coolest covers I’ve ever heard, from Helter Skelter to Rock And Roll. I’m a die hard Zeppelin fan, and it takes a lot to do a successful cover in my eyes but Fictionist has the talent to live up the original. The way Fictionist blends all the sounds they have is amazing. Between at least 2 guitarists on songs, a keyboardist, bass lines that can’t help but make your head bob, digital samples and effects, and completely original unique drum parts, all topped with some of the greatest vocal performances I’ve ever heard. With all that’s going on in the band’s sound the songs become complex orchestra walls of pure rock sound, yet songs like “Fist” are more simple and beautiful. Their lyrics are relatable, emotional, and thought provoking. If These guys don’t make it “Big” then there’s something wrong with the music industry. Fictionist is pure and wholesome awesome.

When you get down to brass tax, if you like music, you’ll like Fictionist. Check them out. http://fictionist.com/

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