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I would say I’m a Rock Band fan. I bought both Rock Band and Rock Band 2, The Beatles: Rock Band is a game I’m eagerly awaiting and I’ve bought some DLC. So I was pretty happy to hear the news today that in the simplest form, any band that has masters of their songs can get them into Rock Band, either by giving them to freelancers trained by Harmonix or by training workers to do it themselves. You’ll need to purchase the software involved (both the program and an XNA creators account) and then submit the songs for approval, but once that’s done, you can set your own price (up to $3) and it will go onto the new Rock Band Network store, which will be separate from the current Rock Band store.  MTV believe that it will be a big thing, with both indie bands and big labels getting on board. Of course that’s all PR talk, but given what the tools show, it certainly has potential. Will it prosper or will it just become “Rock Band:Myspace”, as our own Ryan Wilson said. You can watch the video below if that explains things easier.

Credit to Joystiq for the video

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