Ryan Thomason

US Wants A More Robotic Army

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One in 50 soldiers in the US military is not human, and Congress has said it hopes to increase the number of robot soldiers to one in three by 2013. Check out this cool clip from CNBC where Alex Hamilton of EarlyBird Capital tells CNBC which companies will benefit from this rise. This clip is mostly stock and such related which I’m a geek for the stock market, but it’s interesting nonetheless. If you don’t mind a bunch of analyst stock talk that is.

Regardless of if you will watch the clip or not, what do you think of moving from less meatbags to a more robotic forces? Will this save lives? Really though in the end, it comes down to cost. You’re going to probably pay less for wounded soldiers and their years/lifetime of rehab when you can instead just fix some wires and send the scrap of metal back into action.

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