Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6 Case Product Review

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IMG_1259.PNGProduct Reviewed: Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6 Case

Color/design: Aero


  • Impact resistant composite case thanks to a hard outer shell fused with a soft shock absorbant core.
  • 360 degree of protections with the included crystal clear HD screen guard and rear skid pads.
  • Easy accessibility to all your buttons and ports means not having to struggle to charge your phone, turn it on or off, or God forbid use head phones. The volume buttons and mute switch are also very easy to use.
  • Low profile design so the phone doesn’t get caught up in your pockets or bags. It also makes it much more comfortable to carry.
  • Glare free photos thanks to a beveled design around the flash that iliminates unwanted interference.

Retail price: $34.95

Recomended: yes

Urban Armor Gear offers cases for six different brands of phones/tablet manufactures. Check out their products here.

While testing out my Urban Armor Gear phone case for iPhone 6 I put it through a lot. My day job is that of a mild mannered diesel mechanic. Everything I own has to be rugged. Otherwise it becomes garbage in no time. I drop my phone sometimes, I put it in my pocket with my keys and tools sometimes, I even get oil on it from time to time. UAG makes cases for people like me, or people like you who’ve just dropped their phone a few times and can’t afford to buy a new phone each time. People who want to protect the resale value of their phone. Or people who really really want their phone to last the whole two years of the contract they have on it.

UAG really is the best choice as long as being water proof and having an extra battery source isn’t a requirement for your phone case. If that is your case than you’re looking to spend at least three times as much. If you simply require a case that will protect your phone from bumps, falls, scratches and bangs UAG is the best way to go. It’s cheaper, slimmer, and more comfortable to use than an OtterBox case.
While testing this case I did drop my phone several times on accident. It’s a natural occurrence in my world. My phone saw no new damage. Not a nick, scratch, dent or crack. I was honestly surprised especially after one particular drop on to concrete. My phone landed hard and face down. I picked up my case afraid to turn it around. I was positive the screen was going to be shattered. When I finally grew the courage to do so I was honestly shocked to find nothing wrong with my phone.

I saw a woman at an event that had the same case I was testing and I asked her if she had dropped her phone and how it faired. I then got stuck in a twenty minute conversation about how she’s had her case for awhile now and she’ll never buy another brand again. She said she had cracked and ruined her previous phones so she decided to pick up a more sturdy case. She got the UAG Maverick case for her iPhone 6+ and loves it.

One big plus I’ve noticed after a month of use I have no signs of wear. With my last OtterBox case I noticed wear after the first week. Little bits of rubbing, scratching, etc. I know it was doing it’s job by absorbing the damage instead of my phone, but the case was ugly to begin with, and it continuously got uglier from day one till I threw it out.

If you’re looking for a dependable and rugged case UAG is 100% the way to go. I couldn’t be more happy with this case. I have dozens of cases at home and this has taken over as my day to day phone case. I only ever swap it out with my charging phone case when I have all day meeting or conventions I’m covering and that extra battery life is a requirement.

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