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UPS Plays The “US TOO” Game

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Earlier this week you might recall that Amazon did something sneaky yet awesome at the same time when it came to their new drone assisted delivery system that had everyone and I literally mean everyone. I read a mom blog that talked about it. Well UPS won’t be denied their time on Amazon’s coattails.

UPS Drone

The Amazon trick was to get people talking about their company right around the time where Cyber Monday deals were kicking off and everyone and their uncle were looking to spend spend spend online. It was damn clever and a great idea at the same time. Once you get past all of the cynical people scoffing at the idea it really is the way of the future.

I know there are lots and lots of people that dread the oncoming storm of drones and see the future as a bleak dystopian society where a government drone follows you from crade to grave but I see it as so much more optimistic. I just want to be Booster Gold with my own Skeets, that’s all. Ok, I’ve gone way off topic here but drone delivery is very much going to be in our future and I welcome it. There’s nothing better than ordering a Tenga and having it at your home when you really need it not a few days later when the vapors had subsided. Don’t Google what a Tenga is at work kids, you might get in trouble.

Amazon was first at claiming the drone delivery system, whether or not it is ever implemented, UPS is now saying that they’re interested as well. A company spokesperson said the following when interviewed regarding the company’s future R&D:

The commercial use of drones is an interesting technology and we’ll continue to evaluate it. UPS invests more in technology than any other company in the delivery business, and we’re always planning for the future.

It’s no surprise they’re already working on their own version of what Bezos shared this week, but it seems that we’re reaching a point where the tech is moving faster than the bureaucracy can as all major delivery companies. FedEx has been waiting for ruling and clarification on rules on having automated aircraft in the skies. The FAA isn’t set to make their decisions until 2015 which to me is inexcusable but necessary when it comes to the safety of other flights that have actual people housed therein. I just think it’s a damn interesting time to be alive as we see the world’s first step into what I can only hope is a robot and drone filled future.

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