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Updates on ‘The Crow’ Reboot

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While nothing is actually going on production wise for the reboot, the big legal dispute over who actually OWNED the rights has been released. Deadline reports that Relativity Media has beaten The Weinstein Company and the lawsuit has now been sent to arbitration. What does all this mean? The 90’s cult classic that a lot of us don’t want to see pooped on with remakes and sequels (we had enough sequels ready of this movie) is one step closer from getting out of pre-production hell and might actually start moving forward. For that, I am disappointed.

“The Court agreed with Relativity that TWC’s lawsuit against Relativity was improper and violated the parties’ arbitration agreement. TWC must now defend itself in the ongoing arbitration proceeding filed by Relativity. In that proceeding, Relativity claims damages in excess of $20 million against TWC for its egregious mishandling of the movie Nine and seeks rescission of the parties’ agreement with respect to The Crow. Today’s ruling demonstrates that TWC’s efforts to misuse the court system as a means of intimidation against Relativity failed. Relativity expects to prevail on all of its claims against TWC in arbitration.”

The thing I took out of all that was, what the hell is NINE? And after a little Google search, you might remember when you take a look at the photo to the left (click to enlarge). Yeah, it’s that movie, the one everyone forgot about and totally bombed. That’s what you get when you try to make ‘Chicago’ part 2. I’d sue someone for screwing that pooch pretty hard too.

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