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Up All Night – Mini Review

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Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett actually made a show that was highly enjoyable, will it last though?

If you’re a parent of a baby, or young kids, you’ll get this show. You’ll understand the jokes that much better and probably laugh your ass off at some points like we did. This is a show for parents, and it seems to be written by parents. I don’t know if you childless people out there who have no responsibilities for nurturing a human being will understand just how funny it is to watch two new parents argue over who was up the most the previous night taking care of the baby. That scene alone had me laughing on my couch, actually laughing, not the internal “lol” my brain does when I’m watching comedies on TV.

Will Arnett is like always, a great actor he plays the stay at home dad wonderfully and I really like his character. Hell, I even relate to him in a little way, and that was a great connection to make for me. Christina Applegate is well, I don’t know, She’s still Kelly Bundy to me no matter how much older she gets and ages. She’s Kelly Bundy, I can’t get past it. Maya Rudolph really shines as the Talk Show host boss of Applegate. If someone is going to steal the show from the two main characters it’s going to be her. We’ll see how much of a hindrance that is though.

The first episode was funny and dealt with the silly things us new(ish) parents go through, from swearing around the baby, to arguing about who’s got it the worse, to the longing to just go out get really drunk and be an adult again. Heck, Will Arnett in the grocery store trying to get away from the old lady who wanted to look at his daughter was a good bit.

My only concern is that the first episode sets the bar high up there, how much parental problems and situations can you really wring out of a whole season? We’ll see.


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