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Unzip Your Pants: Farscape Complete Series Coming to Blu-Ray

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Yeah, all those DVD’s you have of Farscape? Scrap ’em at your next yard sale. A+E Network and The Jim Henson Company are Finally bringing together all four complete seasons (88 episodes) and over 15 hours of bonus programming across 20 blu-ray discs. How much is it going to set you back? The 20-Disc Set is slated for a $199.95 price tag (currently $124.99 on Amazon), which means this frugal writer will have to wait for Christmas Wish List, and his birthday, possibly other holidays I would receive presents all rolled up into one. When is all this coming to us? November 15th.

If that isn’t enough to sell you, here are some of the bonus features you’ll be getting. A brand-new documentary, Memories of Moya: An Epic Journey Explored featuring revealing new interviews with creators Brian Henson and Rockne O’Bannon, writer Richard Manning, and stars Ben Browder and Claudia Black as they look back at the legacy of the sci-fi classic. That last bit may have been a copy/paste from the press release.

In addition to this new documentary, the FARSCAPE Blu-ray set also includes ALL of the bonus material DVD release, which is over 15 hours episode commentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes, trailers, promos and hot sex scenes of alien sexiness. Maybe that last bit I made up.

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