Universal Studios Monsters: Legacy Series III

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20131217-162931.jpgThere are a few things that every self-respecting lover of horror has in common. Two of those things are an appreciation for the Universal Monsters, and at least a small collection of memorabilia.

It’s no shocker that there’s a fair amount Universal Monster memorabilia out there. Some of it’s great, some of it’s bad, and then there’s Diamond Select Toys. I own a fair amount of horror memorabilia, and I’d say over half of those are action figures. None of my collection is half as detailed or brilliant as the Diamond Select Universal Monster collection.

20131217-163014.jpgThe Phantom of the Opera

Comes with platform, hat, overcoat, and cane as well as a violin, bow, alternate hand (so he can hold the violin bow), and music stand with music.

Pros: Comes with a lot of quality extras, the detail is fine, and the scene portrayed is not one commonly portrayed giving it extra geek points.

Cons: Switching the hand was near impossible, the platform didn’t fit the feet correctly, and I would have loved the option to remove the mask to show the *Phantom’s deformed face.

*Diamond Select makes another version of the the Phantom with an organ, and his deformed face.

20131217-162958.jpgThe Invisible Man

Comes with platform.

Pros: The Invisible man is not only one of my favorite Universal Monsters, he’s one of my favorite figures. The biggest pro here is the stunning detail, and the overall menacing feel captured in the figure. This figure was high quality with no defects.

Cons: My only complaint for this figure is that it didn’t come with any extras. Honestly, it’s not even a big complaint. This figure is good enough to stand on its own. Any extras would have been icing on an already tasty cake.

20131217-163026.jpgThe Metaluna Mutant

Comes with a platform.

Pros: This Island Earth was an awful movie. In fact it was so bad, it was good and Mystery Science Theater 3000 chose this movie to use in “Mystery Science Theater: The Movie.” The Metaluna Muntant is one of the creepiest looking monsters Universal ever created, and every bit of the creepy is captured in this figure!

Cons: Much like the Invisible Man The Metaluna Mutant only comes with a platform. I would have liked to have had some extras with this one.  I would have gladly traded the extras that came with the Phantom for the interocitor device that comes with the individually packaged Metaluna Mutant.

Overall rating: 7 out of 10 — I totally recommend buying these.

Next week I’ll be reviewing these figures:
Frankenstein’s Monster, Quasimodo, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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