Unfortunately, Resident Evil 5 (Movie) is coming

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This cash cow just won’t stop being milked will it?Paul WS Anderson’s Resident Evil franchise is going to catch up to the game’s number of main titles in just 10 years, as Sony Screen Gems have set a release date of September 14th 2012 for Resident Evil 5. As usual, Milla Jovovich will be starring and no doubt the film is being made due to Resident Evil: Afterlife (The fourth film) making $296.2 million, or perhaps because Jovovich is Anderson’s humping post and she’s wearing the pants in that relationship. After all, her character is the main catalyst of everything that’s wrong with the films. The last one I watched, Resident Evil: Extinction, was further removed from Resident Evil than you could possibly imagine. Besides, Resident Evil never needed a film adaptation. It started as a homage to Romero’s zombie films after all, and none of the games have ever had decent stories, just fun ones.  That doesn’t mean it translates well to film.

Source: Comingsoon

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