Comic Review: Undying Love # – Twilight Meets Hellblazer

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Love can blossom anywhere, even between an ex-soldier and a vampire.

Undying Love from Image Comics is a story about John, a gun toting ex-military vampire killer, and Mei, his freshly minted vampire girlfriend. John is on a quest to find the vampire that bit Mei so that he could save her mortal soul. Unfortunately, the vampire that sank his fangs into Mei is said to be the most powerful vampire in all of China. Fortunately for John, he has guns and knows how to deal with vampires.

“Who ever wrote the book on killing vampires…never shot one with an automatic weapon”


After traveling the roads of Mainland China John and Mei at an old Chinese temple a few days from Hong Kong discussing their plans and professing their loyalty to each other. While I can see the clear attempt to show the love that John and Mei feel, I wasn’t very convinced. The dialogue felt a little cheesy and lacked sincerity for me to really understand how John and Mei are connected.

After an encounter with an evil Geisha with a gang of undead Chinese warriors at her back, John ensures her that he’s going to save Mei and will use his pistols to show her how wrong she is. When the scuffle with the Geisha is done John and Mei head for Hong Kong where he enlists the aid of an old sorcerer in the body of a small boy to help him find the vampire that bit Mei.

It’s tough to say what I’m supposed to find interesting about this, maybe it’s the seedy underbelly of a supernatural Hong Kong or maybe it’s the interaction between John and Mei, but I had a hard time making a connection with any of it. With the exception of the gunfight nothing really intrigued me about this story and the dialogue between John and Mei didn’t help either.


The art is in a sense, not too bad. I found that the faces John and company made felt a little goofy. Not to mention that during the gunfight there a few panels that had me wondering what was happening. Did John just get cracked in the head with a Mace, or did he fall? There is some good detail in each panel and the artists made sure that nothing felt too empty or like it was filled with random crap just to fill out the room.


Undying Love has some potential, but there isn’t much here for readers to sink their teeth into. I couldn’t find what exactly was supposed to hook readers into reading any subsequent issues.

STORY: 60%
ART: 70%

Nothing is all that interesting and the setting doesn’t exactly make me want to learn more about it. In my opinion, undying love feel very generic. I could only hope that future volumes delve into the setting a bit more and explain how this vampire filled China works.

In a story thats supposed to be about two people in love, I couldn’t make the personal connection needed to believe John and Mei’s relationship and it feels like a major disservice to what could have been a good love story.

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