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Undertow #1 – Spears not required while reading

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Hold your breath and watch your dorsal fin, because this sure isn’t Walt’s Atlantis.


Undertow #1

Writer: Steve Orlando

Artist: Artyom Trakhanov

Cover Artist: Artyom Trakhanov

Publisher: Image

Release Date: 2/26/14

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Deep beneath the waves of the ocean, lives a society of Aquaic-humanoid creatures. Aquatic creatures in a world of political intrigue and rebellion. Creatures that are currently tearing each other apart beneath the peaceful lull of the waves.

Ukinnu Alal, a sheltered high class Atlantean, has just come face to face with the villainous leader of the rebellion, Redum Anshargal. But Ukinnu soon comes to realize the legendary anarchist leader is not the monstrous creature he was made out to be. Redum is a creature of science and exploration, not chaos and deceit like the media of Atlantis says he is.  Set on exploring the surface world to find a place his people can escape the fascist Atlantean world, the rebel leader takes Ukinnu under his, ah fin, and they embark on a “dry-mission” to find a mythical creature that could be the deciding factor for Redum and his band of insurgents.

Let me just say, I am loving this Atlantis. It’s a much different approach than the shiny underwater utopia it is usually made out to be in most media; a more raw and realistic take on this underwater world and it’s people. Especially the rough but loyal rebellion leader, Redum Anshargal,who I hope doesn’t get killed to further Ukinnu’s character development. Of course even if he his killed off, Artyom Trakhanov’s fantastic art and Steve Orlando’s intriguing story will definitely keep me coming back for more.

5 out of 5 spear guns

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