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Uncle Grandpa: Belly Buddies and Tiger Trails – Review

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I watch a ton of cartoons. Quite literally anything that seems aimed at kids, I’ll watch it. I have consumed tons of shows that most sane adult men would never admit to watching, but alas I consume all media.

We were provided with an advance copy of the pilot by Cartoon Network

Did I mention that I have kids?

Yeah, that’s a big reason I watch as many shows as I do. Even if I wasn’t a fan of the types of shows that are on the television, I will watch them with the kids just because I think it’s part of the job as a parent to do so…you never know when something questionable might show up or your kids will want to know what’s going on.

Watching the first two episodes of Uncle Grandpa, any hopes of me explaining things to the kids went right out the window. This is a show for daddy, the kids can watch since it’s geared toward them, but there is more than enough that they won’t understand that makes it my new best friend.

The biggest problem with any animated series starting off is that they have to come into the world without pulling any punches, the show has to literally hit the ground running so that when you watch it in reruns, you don’t have to worry about the origin story repeating itself too much. Thankfully with the way Uncle Grandpa has proved itself in the first two episodes is that each episode is its own origin, the regular characters are brought up by name and they’re arche-typical enough that there really are no mysteries about them.

uncle-grandpaThe cast is simple, you have Uncle Grandpa who is the world’s Uncle and Grandpa and apparently isn’t beholden to the laws of physics as is shown from the best sight gag I literally laughed out loud at when he pulled off his nose and replaced it with multiples that flew in every direction at his sneezing. Then you have Pizza Steve who is my least favorite of the show, he’s the Master Shake of the group. There’s Mr. Gus (voiced by the same guy who did Schnitzel on Chowder) who is UG’s enforcer as far as I can tell, but really he’s just a Godzilla like character.

Personally my favorite of the show is Giant Realistic Flying Tiger which is a cutout character that maybe sees 3-4 frames of animation an episode who flies around and essentially poots rainbows. It’s just like if Nyan Cat had a tiger friend who was more realistic. Finally there’s UG’s hammerspace equipped fanny pack that is known as Belly Bag, who has everything context sensitive that Uncle Grandpa could ever need.

My only gripe is the animation, for the most part its good but often enough I’m reminded of R. Crumb with the absurdity factor of many of Cartoon Network’s most recent shows, however I don’t know if I can excuse it for it’s style of art or if it’s just a budgetary thing, it’s good…just not Adventure Time good.

Maybe it’s not fair for me to bring that up because it’s only the first episode of the first season of this show and there’s tons of room for improvement, but all of that aside. I loved this show and will be tuning in each week to see them.

The two episodes that CN shared with me were essentially just ONE episode of the show that you’ll see on the TV (like most CN shows now they’re about 11-minutes long). The first one I watched “Belly Brothers” was essentially about embracing your fatness and the brotherhood that other big-bellied people have. The second one “Tiger Trails” was the only one that I had any qualms about showing the kids as there’s a pet cemetery section complete with decaying pets. It wasn’t BAD, but just a bit creepy.

I can’t wait to see how this show evolves each week and also can’t wait to see the other characters that are going to come into play like Remo voiced by Tom Kenny, I’ll watch anything with his voice attached. The show premieres on the 2nd of September on Cartoon Network.

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