Ryan Wilson

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Now Available…Sort Of

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Starting today, PlayStation 3 gets its first gameplay glimpse of the highly anticipated Uncharted 3…assuming initial connection issues are resolved.

This first leg of multiplayer beta testing isn’t available for all PlayStation 3 owners, however, as access requires a PlayStation Plus account or a copy of inFamous 2. Unless you just recently purchased the system, the first requirement should not be a problem (the ‘Welcome Back’ program included a 30 day trial which would still be valid even if you redeemed it the day it was available). Those unlucky enough to not fall in this group will still be able to try out the beta in a week (July 5th). The beta itself expires on July 14th, so get in as much play as you can before then. Those who achieve Level 25 in the beta will receive in-game cash upon the game’s official release.

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