Uncharted 2, now bringing you 100% more Twitter spam

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We all know how big Twitter has gotten recently. Being the newest social networking fad, almost everyone I know has a Twitter account, even if they rarely use it. And while the primary use of Twitter is supposed to be keeping track of what your friends are doing, it took marketing divisions all of about 10 seconds to figure out how to use their (and our) tweets for advertising purposes. Usually this is in the form of having giveaways and contests where you have to retweet a company’s twit to be eligible to win whatever it is they have for you, and I really don’t have a problem with that.

The Twitter spam that does annoy me, however, are social gaming sites where you can set your account up to where it automatically tweets what video games you’ve played throughout the day. Unless you are playing something that hasn’t been released yet, and you can tell me about it and/or let me play it too, I really could not give a shit what you are playing. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is.


Now, imagine that instead of Twitter spam showing a summary of what people are playing, there were individual tweets for every single game a person played. Sound annoying? Well, that’s where Uncharted 2 is trying to bring us. Within the game’s settings, you can select to have the game auto-tweet for you everytime you do a wide variety of things, such as connecting to multiplayer, beating a chapter, getting to a certain point in a level, earning a trophy, and more. Let me be the first to say this shit is not OK. I know Naughty Dog wants to get the word out about their game, but this is not the appropriate channel to do that. If you buy Uncharted 2 and leave this Twitter update bullshit turned on, I will find you, and I will punch you right in the babymaker. And then I will unfollow you on Twitter.

[via thebbps.com]

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