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Uncanny Avengers Annual #1: Trapped in TV Land

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When I walked in to my local shop to pick up this Uncanny Avengers Annual #1 and saw the cover I had a WTF moment for sure.

Uncanny Avengers Annual #1 cover via

Uncanny Avengers Annual #1 cover via


Uncanny Avengers Annual #1
Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Paul Renaud
Cover by: Arthur Adams
Published by: Marvel
Release date: April 30, 2014

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*SPOILER ALERT* I was still reeling from last month’s issue, where Captain America was murdered. So, I really had no idea what they were going to do next.  Then I saw this cover.  I thought, Holy B-list!  Are they going to just reboot, and start a new story line to introduce a Dark Avenger movie? Nah, way to early.

Then I looked again. What’s Mojo doing there? Mojo is a classic X-men villain, so you knew this had to be a good story. And what is the story?  Well, as it goes Mojo is merely acting at the behest of the executives of Mojoverse. In order to save his contract and avoid being cancelled, Mojo must create a television show to once again win over the masses. The Uncanny Avengers and Supernatural Avengers are unwittinly type-cast in a droll, cliché  TV show.  Everything’s just a bit “Melrose” until Ghost Rider  gets someone pregnant! (Ed. note: That still seems very “Melrose!”)  All hell breaks lose, ending the hold Mojo’s programming had on our heroes.   A funny note though, I thought one of the executives looked exactly like Ronald Reagan!

Artist Paul Renaud I’m familiar with through his prior X-Men work, as well as his Vampirella covers (!!).   I’m not as familiar with writer Rick Remender, but a few titles like Fear Agent, Black Science, and Strange Girl attest to his talent.  (Another Ed. note: Don’t forget Deadly Class! I am loving that series right now.) I really like their work together here.  And it was refreshing to see so many characters done in such a way that the comedy bits weren’t trying too hard.  The cover is great as well, I always like seeing some Arthur Adams work.  As for the story, I liked it because I always loved the “What-If?” series, so naturally I love crazy stand alone stories that Annuals sometimes provide.  Those crazy types of stories that would never occur in canon.  And besides being a bunch of fun, it’s not often that you get to read a story with the likes of Captain America, Sunfire, Satana, and Manphibian.  Plus, once again, Mojo.  ‘Nuff said.

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