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Unboxing Rituals

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bottom right hand corner, lookit that piece of styrofoam!Every enthusiast out there has what has come to be known as an unboxing ritual. I thought about a few of mine today…since they change with every new case or box that comes in to being, and I had to laugh because it’s so strange yet so endearing because we all have them, or at least I hope we all do.

As far back as I can remember, I always had a set way of getting things out of boxes and into my consoles. It started with the NES, but new games for that system were few and far between (not to mention 20 years ago) I can barely remember what it was that I’d have to do with each. All I can think of was taking off the cellophane and trying to open the slender NES boxes in a way that wouldn’t put a fold in the flap of cardstock that went back into the box.

Then came the game itself, in it’s lovely grey plastic and the user manual that would be read cover to cover before even attempting to play the game. Let’s not forget the bottom of the box, where there was an oddly shaped piece of styrofoam that would hold the cartridge aloft in the box…I always kept that for some reason too.

I continued on with the SNES, Genesis, and so on…until we arrived at the optical generation of games on the PlayStation and all of the generations that came since. I can recall fondly taking exquisite care to not rip the proof of purchase on the tops of the jewel cases and dvd cases so that I could save them for Crom knows what reason, maybe proof to myself that I bought the game brand new?

Regardless of how wierd it is to keep these trinkets and meaningless pieces of plastic around, it always gave me a sense of satisfaction when I could do my little excited dance when I got home and it was just me and the game’s packaging keeping me from all of the goodness contained therein.

What about the rest of you out there, are there any particular stories involving a particular item that you remember unboxing that you’d like to discuss? Was there something you got that turned out to be a complete dud? Let us know in the comments below!

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