Ultimate Spider-Man, Vol. 2

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What would you do after someone else turned the world upside down and left your favorite wall-crawler out to dry?  If you are Brian Michael Bendis, you would keep doing what you do best:  Continue to write the best Spider-man books you can.

In the fall of November, 2008, Ultimatum began in Marvel’s Ultimate universe.  Jeph Loeb wrote the cross-over following on the heels of the Ultimates, Vol 3 mini-series and the Ultimate Power mini-series.  (Who felt the urge to combine the Supreme Power universe with the Ultimate universe?  Someone with the eyes on the bottom line, I am sure).  While the X-men and the Ultimates all got together to face down Magneto in the Ultimatatum mini-series, Spider-man was left swimming in New York (literally).

Following Ultimatum, Ultimate Spider-man took a short hiatus before starting up again as volume 2.  The first six issues are now available in hardcover:  The World According to Peter Parker.  After writing all the issues of the first volume, Mr. Bendis continues as the writer, and this is a very good thing.  Still in high school, it has been one year since Peter has gotten his powers.  He is still in love with M.J.  His Aunt May still worries about him.  (My one complaint:  It is getting a little crowded.  You will see what I mean when you read it.)

If you have not read the 133 issues of the first volume of Ultimate Spider-man, do so.  It is easy to find the soft-cover (or hard, if you are into that kind of thing) compilations, which also contain all the annuals and cross-overs you will need to enjoy the series.  If you already have, then do not worry, you can rest assured that volume 2 is just as good as the rest (so far).

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