Ultimate Iron Man: Armor Wars

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Originally, I wasn’t going to review Ultimate Iron Man:  Armor Wars.  The hardcover collected edition of the four issue mini-series came out in the middle of April.  I wasn’t going to review it because after reading it, Armor Wars slipped from my mind fairly quickly.

What’s that you say?  A book by Warren Ellis did little to interest me?

Of course, if you follow comic books, you will know that Warren Ellis is a prolific writer and writes more comic books than he needs to.  Even though he created the brilliant Transmetropolitan, he also created Angel Stomp Future, Frank Ironwine, Quit City, and Simon Spector. Yes, I have no clue about any of these books are either.

What brought this particular book back to mind after it slipped out?  I have been preparing to review the Ultimate Avengers collection (due out in two weeks).  The Tony Stark in that book is a lot less likable than in Armor Wars.  In Armor Wars, he does drink, but only a little, and is not as much of a jerk as he is in Ultimate Avengers.  I liked that despicable Tony more.

I suppose it would be hard to make Tony too unlikable in his own book.  However, the way he was characterized in Armor Wars made me not care, and essentially made the book not enjoyable for me.

Of course, Armor Wars are the Ultimate retelling of the famous 80’s storyline of the same name.  In the original, Tony is a recovering alcoholic who goes after all the villains in the Marvel Universe who use some of his Iron Man tech in their crimes.  In the Marvel Universe there are a lot of these.  In the Ultimate Universe, not so many:  hence the four issue mini-series.

I will say I enjoyed most of the end in issue four.  There was a noirish twist to it (not surprising considering the author) and a quick but satisfyingly violent finish.

The soft-cover will not be available until October.  It might be wise to wait for that less-costly edition to enjoy–it will only $14.99.

Bottom Line $14.99/$19.99

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