Ugly Americans: Apocalysegeddon Mini-Review

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One of the perks of being associated with “writers” and “website” people is that you get the fortune of being able to review games here and there. This time around I got the chance to review Ugly Americans: Apocalypsgeddon.

For those of you not in the know, Ugly Americans is an adult cartoon series on Comedy Central about something. And that’s exactly how the game makes me feel. It’s about something, you do something, and then there’s a lot of something. It’s about as connected to the show as the Ugly Americans fan fiction I wrote.

The story is for the fans and I would say this is who this game is really for; this is fan game 100% of the way. Using the original voice actors, art, and scenes written from some of the Ugly Americans staff, it’s no surprise I had trouble enjoying it. So let’s move onto the gameplay.

Gameplay wise, it’s pretty standard. The lobby system and character selection works pretty well showing all of your characters and how far you’ve leveled up with them, think Castle Crashers and you’re not too far off. Once you’re in a game you make use of only four buttons. One to move, one to shoot, one to switch to weapons picked up off the ground, and one to use your “holy crap I’m gonna die” button. It works pretty well and within 30 seconds I was killing birdmen like no one’s business. Sadly, after 5 minutes it’s all the same. The level ends after you’ve killed a unknown number of enemies, or you die. After which you get your score and some points to put into a number of abilities to tailor your gameplay experience. I will say that it works well for an arcade game and If I had a few quarters to throw into a machine I’d be all over this, but for 10 dollars it’s a little bit of a stretch especially I had trouble getting over the constant “suck my balls” lines.

Filled with the all dirty jokes, nasty one-liners, and too-cool-for-school attitude from the TV show, Ugly Americans Apocalpsegeddon is a game that you can play for the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 for about 10 bucks, but unless you’re really itching for a twin stick shooter/brawler and cannot get enough of the show, this game won’t be for most people.

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