UFC President thinks EA are meanieheads

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The other day the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White, stopped thinking about half-naked men worming around on the ground long enough to talk to Kotaku about his feelings on the fact that EA is making an MMA video game to compete with his and THQ’s UFC Undisputed series. Spoiler alert: They’re not positive opinions.

“…as as far as the MMA space goes, we’ll kick the living shit out of them,” White said. He also expressed his displeasure at the fact that EA wasn’t too hot on an MMA game years ago when he pitched it to them. “They told us they would never do a game and now they’re coming out with a fucking game. Johnny come latelys. Me-toos.”

I can’t really say that I fault White here. UFC is the biggest name in MMA, and now that White and THQ have gone out on a limb and proven that an MMA game is a viable seller in the gaming market, EA comes in and tries to strong-arm its way into the action. One thing I can’t figure out though is the fact that the man who runs a company that revolves around grown men beating the shit out each other, can’t express his feelings without using dumbed-down, vulgar language. It just doesn’t make sense.

White summed up his thoughts by stating, “If there’s anybody out there who is a UFC fan, you’re fucking nuts if you buy the EA game.”

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