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Ubisoft isn’t Good at Teasing Games

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Teaser artwork in action, making people like me talk and share it.

These game companies think that they’re being soooo sneaky when they put out teaser art for games and think that people won’t get the subtle references to the game that they don’t want to announce just yet, but are willing to tease.

I’m going to break this one down piece by piece for y’all out there in WPR land.

First off, here’s the full size image:

Assassin by Gabz

You’ll notice that the picture is essentially a dude standing in Egypt in front of the pyramids and has what appears to be the same garb as another series of characters from that one series that Ubisoft is making mad bank off of, Assassin’s Creed. Instead of it being during the Crusades or even in Baroque Italy, we’ll probably be taking hold of our Assassin buddy during the time of pharaohs.

What gives me this crazy idea that this yet announced game is actually the third installment of Assassin’s Creed? Well, it’s pretty simple really. I’ll list them.

First, the image was discovered through Twitter when the guys from Ubi linked an image titled “Assassin” by Gabz (aka Grzegorz Domaradzki).

Second, in the full sized image, notice the crest above the dude’s head, it basically does all but spell out the game’s name. I mean, c’mon AC? It’s obviously not a new Armored Core game…especially from Ubisoft.

Third, just look at the above picture. Seriously, this should be more than enough for someone to draw their own conclusions.

So to wrap this thing up, you guys need to take a page from Valve when it comes to teasing things. They at least send out cryptic emails, patches for their games with radio signals, etc. Don’t spell it out for us so easily next time guys.

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