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Two Worlds 2 – Trailer

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The first edition of Two Worlds was pretty much a failure. It was plagued by glitches and was just essentially an all around mess according to the people I know who have played it. It wasn’t very well accepted on the consoles, but from what I hear, the PC version was MUCH better if not still a bit mediocre. I hope that with this trailer for its sequel that the same isn’t true, because that’d be a shame.

The trailer features an epicly epic battle between humans and orcs that features some of the coolest fight choreography that I’ve seen in for a game like this, even though it’s likely that this isn’t in-game footage…more than likely CG…yeah, it’s all CG I’m wagering…without a doubt it’s all pre-rendered.

That’s ok though! It looks like it’d be a cool game to play and I can only hope that the guys from Southpeak have worked out all of the crap that plagued the last game.

The game was recently announced that the release has been delayed due to them wanting to make sure that there was some “heavyweight quality assurance” and that their launch would be “absolutely flawless”. Well, here’s to hope you guys!

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