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Two Teenagers Talk Unfriended: An Instant Message Review

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And now an instant message conversation on Unfriended…


KERSTIN has signed on

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NICKIE: hey! i didn’t know you were going to be around

KERSTIN: well i got to see that new unfriended movie and i heard you were there too??? how did we miss each other???

NICKIE: lol i don’t know but yea i was there but omg

KERSTIN: what?!

NICKE: that movie was sooo bad! i couldnt believe how dunb it was. like really?

KERSTIN: its like they were trying to make a movie for us and just sucked at it. i didn’t get it. like, this makes no sense AT ALL. its like bullying online is such a big deal you know? and they just didnt bother to taalk about that part of it.

NICKE: i know right??? like it was not scary even a little and i usually HATE scary movies!! like half the fun of those movies is watching people die in weird ways right?

KERSTIN: uh YEAH lol its like the only reason

NICKIE: they didnt have anyone die in a cool way like AT ALL. i was soo bored i don’t know how a movie that short that THAT LONG LOL

KERSTIN: its like they were trying to make a movie about teenagers without ever asking any teenagers what they talk or act like. those im coversations are nothing like what we really talk like!!!

NICKIE: unfriended as sponsoered by apple and skype

KERSTIN: HAHA. if i wanted to watch people play never have i ever over skype id just skype you!!

NICKIE: it would be waaaay more fun tbh

KERSTIN: so like are you going to tell anyone to go see it???


KERSTIN: me neither!!!!

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JIGSAW: shall we play a game?

KERSTIN: wrong movie jigsaw

NICKIE: yeah you have seven other movies to go play in you’re not in this one


JIGSAW has signed off

“FINE I’ll go back to telling people to play a game IN MY OWN MOVIE. Jigsaw out.”

Credit to Melina Chavez for coming up with this idea.

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