Ryan Thomason

Two Down, Eight to Go for Stargate: Universe

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It was hard writing that headline, this is a show that I think resonates very deeply with my sci fi heart, and it’s shutting down because you lazy bastards wouldn’t watch it.

Ok so, wow. How do I explain what these first two of the final ten episodes have been like without sounding like a gushing fanboy? I don’t know how to, so I guess gushing fanboy is what you get. Squeeeee! If these first two episodes are a measure for what is to come, I’m going to be buying multiple copies of the series when it releases on DVD/Bluray and giving them as gifts, because damn, people are missing out. Even our fearless leader Xopher, who was sucked in until the travesty of an episode called ‘Space Ticks’ should be kicking himself right now. Where it hurts. The heart. Or somewhere that might hurt more.

The staging for the show has seriously been kicked up a notch, it’s like they had more money in the budget because of the series ending and decided to invest in the set. I’ve rewound parts of the episode so that I could see the background set again, the lighting and detail is better than the already great set that was there before. One thing that I do love about this show though is the limited use of CG in the show, just like Battlestar Galactica, this show is character driven and story driven, the special effects are just a benefit we have to spice up an episode a little.

Speaking of characters, i’m glad that Eli has become less of the “funny genius kid” and taken on more of a role as a major problem solver for the complex things that happen aboard Destiny. Brody and Volker have been handling the little quips and the funny situations as a duo incredibly well. I wish they had gone this route earlier for the three characters to be honest. Having a Duo Dr Rush though in the last episode was interesting, even though a little part of me wanted the ‘future Rush’ to stick around, I knew he would end up with the kind of fate that happened at the end of the last episode.

I do have to say one thing though. Lou Diamond Phillips……NOOOOOOOOOO! One of my favorite actors and characters on the show, why…..why?

With 8 more episodes left, and Destiny somewhat replenished thanks to the last episode, it looks like the crew might be able to actually get some stuff done on this mission the ship is on that they have next to no knowledge about. I can’t wait for the ride, and you shouldn’t either, get caught up and watch these last episodes. Don’t be an Xopher.

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