Robert Chesley

Twitter Rumor of the Day: “Say Anything” sequel

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According to some tweets today, Cameron Crowe is considering doing a sequel to the cult favorite “Say Anything”.

Arguably one of my top ten favorite films, “Say Anything” was the proto-typical John Cusack 80s teen romance film. It also gave Peter Gabriel one his biggest solo hits. The tweet in question comes from Bill Simmons who heard it from an arguably, more reliable source (I hope.).

@sportsguy33 Yes! Cusack will have more hair for sequel than original. RT @BastardMachine: Cameron Crowe sayng he’s considering sequel to Say Anything.

I would have to say I really hope that it isn’t in development. Not every movie from our collective childhoods needs to be remade or given a sequel decades later. That being said, I think “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” took over the mantle from those music centered 80s romance films. I could be wrong.

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