Alan Smithee

Twitter Introduces the Caste System

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Are you a verified user? Are you tired of hearing from the common proletariat? Then by all means miseur bourgeoisie, block those common filth and live amongst the stars.
If you’re one of the 50,000 members within Twitter’s verified user community, you probably already have a ton of followers. Twitter has listened to your complaints and is giving you an option to NOT have to see tweets from all 1.6 million of your fans every second. You complained hard enough and now Twitter has delivered.
The minds at Twitter are offering three options to interactions within their universe. First up is “all” which you have to be a derp to not get what exactly this one does. Second is “filtered” which utilizes Twitter’s algorithm to weed out the spam. Finally is the “verified” option that limits conversations to those who are verified users.

Now go and have fun with your Bucket of Truth in your Hot Chicks Room as you eat suckling pigs and make love to your cache of fleshlights…or whatever the famous people do.



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