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Twisted Dark Review — Reinforcing Paranoid Delusion For Readers!

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Twisted Dark

 It’s all fun and games until your paranoia returns!

Twisted Dark: Volume One

Created by: Neil Gibson

Publisher: T Publication

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Remember that time in your life where scary stories stopped being about vengeful spirits in haunted houses, and became a bit more psychologically disturbing? When you stopped being scared of dark hallways, and started being wary of the cashier that seemed to smile a little too much. It seemed like a level of innocence had been peeled back from your brain, and you realized how messed up people can be. These short, disturbing stories just re-enforced my distrust for that smiley cashier tenfold. It must be time to refill that anxiety medication!

Each story starts simply enough; a real life situation more or less, and you don’t seem to see the twist coming until there’s a dismembered hand in a box. It really sneaks up on you. After each of the story, I felt my anxiety level rise more and more. I just kept waiting for that point when something terrible would happen.
There’s some great story telling, and writing. It definitely makes you  second guess yourself when trying to figure out the twists. Which, while aggravating sometimes, set the mood for the whole story. It keeps you reading just to know what happens to these poor unfortunate souls.

I’m gonna have to play the “art snob card” as far as Twisted Dark’s art style goes. It all felt a little too immature for me. The style just seemed to fit a web comic more than a published graphic novel.

Overall, readers more on the sensitive side may want to skip this one. While creepy little “psychological horror” fans, will obviously eat Twisted Dark up. For those of us that don’t mind a little disturbing content once in a while (but don’t get off on it) will find this book to be a fun, and creepy ride. Although, I definitely had to watch some happy cartoons to shake that little “dark cloud” left over me. Not to mention I will probably avoid eye contact with strangers for a few days.


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