Ryan Thomason

TV Tonight – Tuesday, June 28th

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Tonight starts off slow, nothing really picks up until 9pm. Might I suggest drinking heavily until 9pm?


The New (Epsiode) Sportscenter (ESPN): Honestly, you don’t want to know what your other options were for new episodes of shows.
The Old (Syndication) Seinfeld (TBS): Do you really need a reason?
The Ugly (Reality TV) Jerseylicious (Style): I once watched 5 minutes of this show. I’m still traumatized, maybe you can do better.

Maybe instead of watching TV at this hour it would be better spent drinking


The New (Epsiode) Cupcake Wars (Food Network: Satisfy your hunger by watching people make cupcakes. Or it’s a show about cupcakes fighting to the death over disputed territories in a bakery. I’m hopping for the latter.
The Old (Syndication) The Office (TBS): The Injury and The Secret Episodes? Sold.
The Ugly (Reality TV) Wipeout (ABC): It’ll never be 1/10th as good as MXC but it’s better than nothing.


*WPR Pick of the Night (because I have no soul and will force you to watch this show)*The New (Epsiode) The Nine Lives of Chloe King (ABCfamily): You knew I was going to do this show, right? Come one, try it! Fine, watch
The Old (Syndication) How I Met Your Mother (WGN): You’re not THAT bored are you?
The Ugly (Reality TV) The Voice (NBC): By all means, this show isn’t Ugly, it’s streets ahead of American Idol. The Voice is one of the few reality shows I will watch these days. If you need your dose of MEN BEING MEN instead, watch Deadliest Catch (Discovery) for crab fishing crazies.


Assuming you couldn’t watch The Voice for the closing 2nd hour
The New (Epsiode) Geme Simmons Family Jewels (A&E): Only watch if you’ve been drinking since 7pm
The Old (Syndication) Fraiser (Hallmark): Feeling like a fancy pants? You can only watch this if you have a monocle and top hat to wear while it’s on.
The Ugly (Reality TV) Storage Hunters (truTV): What the hell, people who buy storage units? What’s with this weird ass craze all of a sudden? Guess I should watch to find out.

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