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TV Tonight: Death Valley, Terra Nova and Two And A Half Men

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Wait, MTV has a show about killing zombies, vampires, etc? Hmm, oh, it’s MTV screw that. Check out the rest of the new shows on tonight by kick ass writer Bill Frost!

What’s new tonight:
Death Valley (MTV) The Walking Dead gets all the hype—where’s the love for MTV’s Death Valley? This Shaun of the Dead/Reno 911 mashup has gotten funnier (and gorier) every week since it debuted way back in August, dispatching not only zombies, but vampires and other supernatural felons at a far more rapid rate than Deputy Rick has managed over on AMC. But, since it resides in the dead (heh) of Monday night on MTV, Death Valley will likely go the way of last year’s Warren the Ape: A well-done, one-season-and-done series written off as just another MTV scripted experiment. Catch it while you can.

Terra Nova (Fox) Yes, it’s still on. Tonight, something actually happens: An asteroid hits! And … that’s about it. A billion-ish dollars well-spent, Fox.

Two & a Half Men (CBS) Walden (Ashton Kutcher) finally gets around to redecorating the former Charlie Harper/Sheen’s house, which makes Alan (Jon Cryer) misty for the old days—the perfect opportunity for Alan to bust out his Charlie impersonation and drag a little more mileage out of this sitcom “scandal.” Who said Two & a Half Men was out of ideas? Besides Charlie Sheen?


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