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TV Review, The Nine Lives of Chloe King

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You know what you should do when you get a press screener of a show a week before it airs? Make sure that your article is actually posting on the right date. When I remembered that the series premier had aired tonight I checked the site to see how my article was doing, when I couldn’t find it, I realized I had it scheduled to post TOMORROW, which would have been pointless, nonetheless here is my thoughts on this new show from ABC Family.

Why am I reviewing a show about a 16 year old girl who gets superpowers because she’s the descendent off an ancient race called the Mai? It looked interesting, what can I say, and after watching the first episode, I’m sticking with my guns.

We start out with Chloe on the run, makes it up to a tower, and a bad black dude pushes her off the top, falling to the ground below. Like 4 or 5 stories and when they pan on her it looks like she just decided to take a nap on the ground. I understand it’s ABC Family, they can’t show her with broken bones everywhere and a flattened face in a pile of gore. This isn’t Heroes, and Claire talking to cameras doing weird shit.

Well, that was a great show wasn’t it? She’s dead, so…is it The Eight Lives of Chloe King now? They might want to reserve the lives a little more easily if they want to make this show go on for longer than a season. Unless they want to capture the Zombie lovers and call it The Undead Life of Chloe King. Where was I? Oh yeah, she died, cue next scene with big bold “2 Days Earlier”.

Most of the premise is it’s her birthday *Cue Girl Squeals* but Chloe (Skyler Samuels) only has two real friends, Amy (Grace Phipps) and Paul (Ki Hong Lee). I think this first scene with them all together was what had me knowing I was going to keep watching this show. They’re sitting on a park bench, talking, blowing out a birthday cupcake, a quiet celebration. While talking Chloe is balancing on the top of the bench with no effort. Paul asks her how she’s doing that, and she tells him it’s simple. So, like any guy would do, while Chloe and Amy are talking, you watch Paul in the background climb onto the bench and then try to balance, falling on his ass. I laughed because it was something practically any guy would have done, and the look on Paul’s face was hilarious. Right there, he’s my favorite character, Sold.

Most of the episode is her finding out about her powers, what she can do exactly, basically think of her as Catwoman but on steroids, and less full body black leather outfits. Obviously she doesn’t tell anybody about it, which I didn’t understand, I’m pretty sure if all of a sudden I was a Parkour master, seeing, hearing and smelling with super senses, I’d be telling people at least those who could be trusted. She doesn’t, and we get a glimpse of the bad guy that killed her earlier in the episode and a supposed even badder guy telling him to kill her as many times as needed. She finds two other Mai descendants, and their all in danger. One of them, Alek, the tall blond guy, jumped on at least 3 cars during the episode. Maybe it’s the reason a lot of the Mai are dieing, they have a thing for jumping on vehicles?

All in all, I had FUN watching this show, yes, even as I had watched it at 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday with my 1 year old crawling all over me, and my three year old telling me he went poop in his underwear. Even though the cast are playing teenagers, it didn’t have that squealing pop overly dramatic stupidness that seems to prevail on TV these days. It just seemed…Normal? I can’t think of a better word honestly, the mood feels Normal, not over the top but Normal. It’s not Gossip Girl, or whatever the hell is an equivalent. I went with my instincts and they came out true, The Nine Lives of Chloe King is just a watchable and fun show to relax to, yes, to me a 29 year old male with a wife and kids. Obviously my wife loved it too, but you’ll have to pester her to get her to write what she thinks about it.

The show premiered TONIGHT, so if you didn’t DVR it, at least go check the ABC Family channel and try to catch a re-run of the first episode. It’s fun, and ABC Family seems to stick with their shows that they create in house, so we should have to worry about it being cancelled after 5 episodes. Thankfullly, I’m getting in right at the beginning, so unlike Greek where I tried to get you guys to watch at the end, you’ll be getting weekly reviews for a long time coming.

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