Ryan Thomason

TV Review: Sym-Bionic Titan

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This show comes on after Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and lately I’ve been more excited to watch this show than the big production one on before it. If you are familiar with Samurai Jack, you’ll feel right at home with Sym-Bionic Titan. If you’ve never seen Samurai Jack, you need to find it, through whatever channels are available to you, it was a beautifully done show by same creator Genndy Tartakovsky as this show. You get amazing animations, great fights, and actually good writing for once in an animated show.

The show is centered on three main characters; Ilana: the princess who is super nice and just wants everyone/thing to be happy and get along. Lance, the soldier/bad ass who can fight his way out of seemingly anything. And Octus calling him a super computer of sorts is an understatement, think of him as possibly one of the greatest computers/AI/sentient beings ever created, ever. Though they look human, they are actually from a obviously far more advanced planet Galaluna that has fallen under the rule of a General who wears his hat over his eyes and has a wicked awesome beard. The king of the planet has been taken captive by said General, and had sent his daughter, Lance, and Octavius to Earth for hiding purposes. Eventually the General figures out where the three were sent and starts sending gigantic monsters to the planet to kill them. This is where the Sym-Bionic Titan part comes in, and you get a lot of the action. Crazy new monsters every episode, giant battles and cities caught in the crossfire getting destroyed. I love it all. Even the couple of episodes that haven’t had a monster focus, but gave you more of a perspective on the characters, like how Lance got his training to become a bad ass. Ilana trying to fit in at the school and joining the cheer leading squad. Octavius (who can make himself look like anything he wants, gets hit on by the top cheerleader to help her on a test. One of my favorite episodes so far was when the monster was actually a tiny super cute monster that the three ended up making a pet. Their pet had a certain…destructive side that they didn’t find out about till it was almost too late. It was a touching episode in the end, and only confirmed that I’m going to have to own this thing on DVD when it is available.

If you like high class animation, great music and sound effects, good writing, and gigantic crazy ass monsters that are begging to get sliced in half during an obligatory big fight in every episode, this is a show for you. Is the show I look forward to watching late Friday nights, or super early Saturday morning, depending on when my 8 month old daughter decides to wake up for her bottle/diaper change. Regardless of if your situation is like mine, you should at least set this to record on Cartoon Network on Friday Nights.

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