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TV Review, Sushi to the Slaughter (Current TV – Vanguard)

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It’s not very often that I tune into Current TV, this episode of Vanguard has totally changed my perception of the station that I mostly ignored.

When I got a look at the Vanguard episodes that are coming up, a deep curiosity was spurred inside of me, the topics were about things I’ve never thought of before yet connected with me somehow. The first of those episodes is Sushi to the Slaughter (Premiering Tuesday July 12th at 9PM ET) had me taking a look into one of my favorite things to eat whenever possible. Sushi. More importantly, this episode was all about the Bluefin Tuna that is the predominant choice for Sushi lovers the world over, because damn, it’s just so delicious to eat when it just melts in your mouth.

Adam Yamaguchi takes us on a tour of the Blufin that was very informational yet it wasn’t trying to bludgeon you over the head. He loves Blufin Tuna, to eat. This isn’t any kind of activism that it appears that some friends think the channel is all about after some discussion with them. It was informative, thought provoking and really took me into a mindset I’d never considered. That sounds like what actual journalism is supposed to do right? I could get used to Vanguard if this is the type of quality that is continuously put out.

When the show finally hits Japan is when I really got taken into the episode, it’s a culture that has always deeply fascinated me. The whole episode was well shot, and like I said earlier isn’t trying to advocate for one side of the other, it informs you and lets you take It from there. You have no idea how refreshing it is to watch something with them assuming that you can make a logical decision on your own based on what they provided you without having to hammer something into your head.

The one thing that is nagging at me since watching the episode is what am I going to do the next time I’m at a sushi restaurant and want to order my favorite thing, tuna? I honestly can’t tell you right now what my decision will be, it’ll be a in the moment kind of thing. I’m gracious though that I now know what my action would be contributing to.

Vanguard will be on my must see list from now on, if you appreciate being treated like a intelligent adult, and want to gain knowledge about very interesting subjects this definitely looks like a series for you.

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