Ryan Thomason

TV Review: Nikita

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This show has been done already, movies? They made two. So why is CW of all networks trying to revive this series? I don’t know, but I’m sure glad it isn’t Vampire Diarys of a teenage mother or something. Nikita (Played by Maggie Q) is an assassin, a pretty bad ass one. She’s pissed, and who is she taking it out on? The US Government sanctioned agency that gave her all the training and skills to kill. It looks like it’s payback time and Nikita is going to deliver, there were some things that I really didn’t like though.

Number one, Nikita is way too skinny. Yes, I’m sorry I understand the appeal that skinny girls have. This is way beyond that, it just isn’t sexy to me at all. When there are scenes of her in a bathing suit or walking around in bra/panties (Which assassins love to do apparently) I was looking at the backgrounds. I know my tastes are probably different than most guys, but damn, at least when Jennifer Garner was on Alias she had SOME meat on her bones. This Nikita is overkill on the ‘skinny is sexy’ BS that Hollywood plays out. This might kill the show for me right there. It bothers me that much, yes. Hopefully they don’t have a bunch of scenes where she had to load guns before a fight in her bra and panties.

Number two, Shane West is too awesome. I had forgotten about him, he’s a great actor and honestly I actually LIKE his character even though he’s the bad guy. Hopefully they keep the cat and mouse game between him and Nikita going, she seems to be gunning (pun intended) for him first, since you know you…did try to kill her and all.

Maybe this will be the show where I root for the bad guy, who knows, but I’m going to stick around for a couple of episodes just to find out. I’m not going to hold up my hopes though, since I haven’t found a show on the CW Network worth sticking around for.

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