Ryan Thomason

TV Review: Lien on Me

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I don’t watch the HGTV channel very often, if ever. Thankfully my wife knows what I like and recorded this show for me. It sat on my DVR for a week until my wife pointed it out, by the name I thought it was some weird Romantic Comedy, turns out I was pretty wrong! This 2 part special was hosted by Mike Holmes a big burly guy that apparently likes to wear overalls. The premise is that this couple was getting screwed on their house. The contractor had racked up almost two hundred thousand dollars in fees, and the house looked like hell. When the couple refused to keep paying for his crap work, he placed a lien on the property. This is where Mr. Holmes stepped it.

This was actually two parts, the first part (episode) was Holmes going around the house pointing out all the things the contractor did wrong. Which was A LOT, the guy was doing a horrible job, building a house that was literally one small windstorm from falling apart. Eventually, after doing a ton of observations and examinations, the only course to save the house was to tear it apart, right down to the concrete basement and back into a dirt hole in the ground. Being the son of a contractor, I was fascinated with all of this, and when he pointed out flaws, I could see my dad shaking his head and mutter some curses. The second part (episode 2) really blew me away though.

It totality, it took more than TWO YEARS for them to finish the house, why? Cause they made it the most environmentally sound house imaginable. The flooring, walls, everything, made out of concrete, the roof is a ‘green roof’ meaning you can plant a whole vegetable garden if you wanted on your ROOF. Solar Panels, Solar water Heater, water runoff into a cistern that can water the yard with rain water that was collected, the works. This house was really, really damn cool afterwards. Best of all, that thing isn’t going anywhere. Hell, they installed an elevator to cruise through the four floors, basement to roof. Now that is pretty damn cool. The design turned out to be quite amazing. It makes me wish that I had some extra cash to fling around because I would totally dig living in a house like this.

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