TV Review: Game of Thrones Episode 6

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Hello and welcome to my post-rapture Game of Thrones fans for the review of episode six! Every week I feel like you (the readers) and I (the “Writer”) share a special connection, one that holds us together; stronger than any glue! This connection is called Game of Thrones, and it is a show on HBO. Very descriptive right? Sue me, I’m doing this for free.

So instead of doing a themed episode I’m going to just do a “review” (recap) of this weeks episode. Reason being is that this episode is so heavy with content that I just want to go nuts.

Game of Thrones Episode 6 – Where a ton of crap happens

To start off, remember how before last episode ended Ned got speared through the leg? Yeah he’s just woken up with King Robert and Queen Cersei looking over him. It’s a pretty sad sight because Ned has done nothing but try to be a good man, we all know it and we all feel his pain. George R.R Martin and HBO know our pain and gave us a nice scene where King Robert infects the queen with the back of his hand(what do you tell a woman with two black eyes?). He tells Ned that he is leaving for a short while so that he can go on a hunt. Ned is once again the hand of the king and must sit the throne.

What’s this about me being a shitty king? WA-POW! Thanks HBO!

While the king is busy beating his wife to a bloody pulp while he drinks himself towards liver disease, Bran is busy having that recurring dream about the Stark crypts. What could this mean? Who knows! Maybe it’s foreshadowing! He arises to Hodor crashing through the door of his room holding the new saddle that Tyrion designed for him( I’m saddened that Kristian Nairn didn’t get the chance to say “Hodor” again). So Bran is finally able to enjoy what all us normal people do which apparently is ride white horses through the beautiful moss covered forests of the Wolfswood This is where Theon Greyjoy and Robb Stark are having a chat about the current state of politics and Theon urges Robb to ride for Casterly Rock to confront Jaime Lannister. Robb tells him to piss off.

So while Robb and Theon are busy being assholes to each other, Bran is neck deep in forest when he is confronted by some wildlings. Now, they don’t explain this too much in the show, but windlings is a term used to define anybody who lives north of the Wall and in recent days many have been coming south of the wall for fear of the “White Walkers” remember those creepy dudes in the first episode? This is important because (Spoilers!!) this is where The Wall will be heading. Robb dispatches of all the wildlings except for two, one of which is taken out by Greyjoy’s arrow and the other, the only female, is saved. They don’t go into his reasoning for keeping her alive other than “lets keep her daddy!” which is a shame.

Y u no water dance?!

Afterward, Syrio Forel is getting ready to start another water dancing lesson with Arya. He senses her troubles and uses this as another lesson in her discipline. I need to take a moment and speak about Syrio, not from an actor standpoint, but from a story standpoint. Did Ned know that things in Kings landing would get so crazy? Was he just trying to keep Arya busy or did he want to prepare her? And if that’s the case why not prepare Sansa as well? I’m no where near finishing the series but various googling found nothing to answer that question. Either way, It was a gorgeous scene and as always I am left wishing that I could someday find my prince charming and be led to my own Red Keep.

I really didn’t want to see this next scene because it’s gross, but Daenerys is eating a horse’s heart because the Dothraki believe that eating an entire heart and keeping it down makes for a strong child. Hats off to Emilia Clarke for making a horse’s heart seem as disgusting as it sounds. She names her baby Rhaego after her brother who was killed when Robert took the crown. Her child is said to be the bee’s knees and savior to all the savages.

After wards is an important character scene between Jorah Mormont and Viserys Targaryen. Vissy is trying to steal Dany’s eggs, and Jorah stops him. While this seems like nothing it does a great job to show how much “power” Viserys has and who Jorah really sides with(Remember that Jorah is the son of Jeor Mormont the Lord Commander of the Nights Watch). In my next post I will be doing another actor spotlight and I will be doing part of it on Viserys since his character is different from that of the novel, and I actually like him in the show better than in the novel (he’s less of a dick).

Since I’m gushing about awesome characters, Tyrion is back! As you remember he was thrown into a sky cell and in order to free himself he bribes the prison-keep to deliver a message to Lysa Arryn saying that he wishes to confess his crimes and a beautiful scene unfolds. When I said that Peter Dinklage could not be better as Tyrion Lannister, I meant it. By confessing his “crimes” he means to confess to whoring, drinking, and doing naughty things with his “eel” and he preforms this fantastically Lysa doesn’t finds this funny but before she can throw him back into a sky cell he demands a trial by combat. Lysa chooses one of her best man as a champion and Bronn the sell-sword a.k.a Bobba Fett of the series stands as Tyrion’s Champion. The resulting fight happens later in the show, but since I’m on the topic let’s just say that it was very exciting. While it doesn’t pack the descriptive punch that only the novel can give, it was a great fight to see and also helps the viewer see the relationship that Tyrion and Bronn have. (GIF Incoming)


Fap Fap

Since the King is gone, Ned is now on the throne and has gotten a complaint from a villager that a group of men with no sigil or banner have ransacked his town and have pointed out one man who stands taller than anybody has ever seen who can behead a horse with one swing of his sword(Hey that sounds like the guy from the last episode). It’s obviously Ser Gregor Clegane, Ned denounces The Mountain, strips him of all his titles, holdings, and even sentences him to death. Peter Baelish tries to warn Ned that “gold wins wars, not armies”. Basically saying that he’s going to screw him over. When I told he you he was slimy, I meant it.

We get a short scene next with Sansa and Joffrey. Most likely at the behest of his mother, Joff goes up to Sansa as she’s with her septa and tells her that he loves her so much, and that she will be his queen. I feel bad for Sansa, being one of the more annoying characters she really can’t be blamed for anything she does. Being brought up to be a “lady” has doomed her in a sense. Shes a terribly flawed character and when she finally realizes it, its too late.

That night Ned tells Sansa and Arya that he is sending them back to Winterfell. Obviously they object, and as Sansa is giving him reasons she utters that she will one day marry Joffrey and that she will give him beautiful sons with blonde hair. This sets off a lightbulb in Ned’s head, not just that his daughter is wet for some Jerky pretty boy, but the color of his hair is very peculiar. He goes to the book that Jon Arryn, previous hand of the king, was reading before his death and finally knows the meaning of “The seed is strong”. Joffrey isn’t Roberts son after all! Dun dun!

Finally, we see what I call the beginning of the end. At Daenerys’…baby shower(?) her lovely brother arrives drunk and with a sword on his hip which is a no-no in Vaes Dothrak. In short, he acts a fool, threatens to stab his sister’s stomach and is put to death by melted gold on the head. Yeah, thats right, melted gold right on his head, pretty crappy eh?

So there you have it, folks. Everything that happened in episode 6. There’s a ton of content and it’s a huge breaking part in the story. Next week I’ll do the Actor Spotlight Part 2 where I focus on some of the characters and the actors that play them. As always you can catch Game of Thrones on HBO Sunday nights. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns you can email me at Dennis.Baquedano[at] . Thanks and I’ll see you next week.

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