TV Review: Game of Thrones Episode 5

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Week five is upon us! The show is getting heavy and it’s only going to get crazier from here!

So before I start, I finally finished the Game of Thrones novel. It was amazing everybody should read it. I often forget that it’s fantasy and not historical fiction. There are so many political issues and people talking and scheming that it feels like there’s no room for direwolves, giants, and dragons.

Game of Thrones Episode 5 is out and I’m here to tell you what’s what. This week I want to talk just a little bit about the scenery. The cities, towns, and of course the castles.

Before we do that, let’s have a run down of what happened this week on Game of Thrones.

This Week So Far

The show starts at the Hand’s tourney, here we see the Knight of Flowers and The Mountain joust. After being knocked off his horse, Gregor tries to kill Loras and is Saved by The Hound. An awesome fight ensues and the people cheer. Afterwards, Catelyn and Tyrion are on the eastern road as they are attacked. Again, people fight, it looks great, and it’s super graphic(tons of blood this episode). Next, Ned and the eunich Vary’s have a chat about John Arryn’s death and that he must watch over Robert. Politics ensure. While all of this is happening, Arya is following her training in water dancing as she chases a cat down into the room where all the dragon skulls are kept. She overhears two people conspiring against her father and runs to find her father.

The next scene has to be my favorite not because there’s anything cool like a fight or something exploding, but because of the dialogue. Petyr is standing at the iron throne when Vary’s comes into the room. Here they have this conversation which is nothing short of brilliant, the back and forth as they wave their metaphorical-dicks talking about who knows the most secrets and who knew it first. It shows the fight not only between swords but between politics which is a huge part of the game they all play.

After that we rejoin Catelyn and Tyrion at the Eyrie, we see Catelyn’s crazy sister who looks as nuts as she sounds. Her creepy kid sucking at her boob adds to the whole “crazy bitch” thing she has going on. We get a gay scene with Renly and the Flowers kid. It was super gay, I’m not going to lie. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, Renly and the Knight of Flowers being lovers is not mentioned anywhere in Game of Thrones but is actually revealed in later novels, but for the sake of character development, HBO has decided to add it here. Before I continue, I do have to say that there was some blow jobbing between Renly and Loras and I felt that it lasted about a minute too long. There was this shot of Renly’s face as Loras is going to town on his wang and the slurping sounds didn’t help it go any quicker.

Don’t mind me, just getting a Blow J

Cersei and Robert have a nice scene about their relationship and the state of the kingdom which is a very endearing scene to say the least. The episode ends with Jaime and Ned fighting in front of Petyr’s brothel. A few blood spurts later and Ned is on his knee with destroyed leg. Very important episode from a story standpoint. Definitely cool to see. I actually liked that it wasn’t a horse like in the novel, but one of Jamie’s men.


The best thing about bringing a book like Game of Thrones to tv is that you get to see everything brought to life. Allow me, if you will, to share a few areas I really liked.

The Red Keep

The Red Keep is where the iron throne sits didn’t feel like such a huge building until this episode. In episode 5 the first thing you see is a shot where the red keep stands tall and ever knowing as Ned heads to the tourney. I was surprised that I had to wait five full episodes before we see beyond the rooms and halls of Kings landing and I was even more surprised that I had to wait five episodes before we see a shot of the castle from afar. Kings landing is a huge city and you don’t get that impression from the first four episodes. Seeing the same few rooms made this apparently enormous castle seem quite small.

This shot properly shows the castle that is the epicenter of the seven kingdoms. In this shot you get a real impression of how enormous this castle is. Kings have lived and died in this keep, and it’s about time we get a shot like this.

The Eyrie

This has to be of the most incredible places to see brought to see from the novel. The Eyrie is is a castle that stands in the mountains that can only be reached by following a narrow path. It is such an arduous journey that there are smaller castles on the way to allow those following the path some rest. The way it looks on the small screen is breathtaking. It is said that the Eyrie is impregnable only because getting there is such a danger.

I especially loved seeing the dungeons. TheEyrie doesn’t really have a dungeon or cell as you might normally think. The prisoners of the eyrie are put in rooms where the outside wall is missing meaning that prisoners could jump or “fly” off the edge and many do. This place is a huge turning point for Tyrion and Cate’s adventure and I’m excited to see more of it.

The Wall

While the Wall wasn’t in episode 5 I feel the need to mention it since it’s such a huge structure within the story. At the north of the kingdom stands the wall. Here the men of the Nights Watch are the first line of defense when it comes to the creatures that inhabit the cold north. The wall is, as you’d guess, a giant wall of ice that stands as a border.

The majority of the wall we’re exposed to in Game of Thrones is in Castle Black which is the biggest of the three occupied castles along the Wall. While we dont get a huge sweeping view of the wall and all of it’s men, (Castle Black is said to have roughly 600 men) we do get a few shots of the great north beyond the wall. In episode four we have Mormont pleading Tyrion to speak to his sister to help reinforce the wall with more men. The fact that we only get a few small shots of the castle serves to show how in need of manpower the Night’s Watch really is.


HBO has done a great job with bringing the world of Westeros to life. Kings Landing finally feels as tall and proud on the outside and as dirty on the inside. The Wall seems as rundown as one would expect a wall of ice to be with only a handful of men to maintain it. Winterfell, while not a proper city lacks the importance that one would expect but it serves to show how the Starks have been thrown into this game of thrones they never wished to play.

As always you can catch Game of Thrones at HBO Sunday nights. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to post a comment or email me at dennis.baquedano[at]

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